Monday, August 30, 2010

first day of school

thrilled about his new backback. thrilled about his new shoes. not so thrilled about getting his picture taken.

This is the best I could do on the morning of Blake's first day of school. He is going to a 3 year old preschool two mornings a week and is LOVING it!

Monday, August 23, 2010


Last weekend we made a quick trip to Omaha to visit some friends. Our dear friends Paul and Heather, and son Frederick, have temporarily moved to Omaha while Paul is undergoing a stem cell transplant at the Leid Transplant Center there in Omaha. Paul was diagnoised with a rare form of Lymphoma which is considered in most cases to be terminal. Please keep them in your prayers. The stem cell transplant provides a small hope of survival. When we were visiting, Paul was in the very first stages of 'harvesting'- removing his own stem cells that will be returned later in the process. Paul was feeling quite well while we were there and was able to spend time at the pool with us and give us a tour of the Lied Center.

On Friday when we arrived, we met Heather and Frederick at the zoo. It was a HOT, hot day but the kids loved it. Especially Brenna, as seen by the picture below. She could have spent forever starring at each and every animal.