Saturday, September 13, 2008

under the weather

Friday morning Blake woke up at 4:00 am crying and scared. I rushed into his room and noticed that he was burning up. I took his temperature and it was around 103 degrees and I could tell that he had the chills. Poor guy!! I gave him some tylenol and sent him back to bed.
Throughout the day on Friday he played well but still couldn't tackle the fever. It ran around 100 and 102 all day. By Friday afternoon I decided that I should get him into the doctor before the weekend rolled around. After many tears, a strep test, and a pricked finger it was determined that Blake had a viral infection. No medicine- just had to play it's course.

Today was a rough day. Blake just wasn't feeling well and didn't really know what to do with himself. No appetite, very cuddly (very unlike Blake) and satisfied just hanging out on the couch and watching football with dad.

BUT... after about five and a half hours of naps and plenty of rest throughout the day, he is feeling much better tonight- even eating some homemade pizza for supper. He played hard, splashed around in the tub, and is currently back in bed jabbering to himself.... back to the Blake we know and love! =)

This is our happy boy tonight- so glad he is feeling better! It's not fun when someone you love so much is sick and there isn't anything you can do to help. And no- Nolan didn't drool down the front of his shirt... he had just given Blake a bath and usually gets soaked!


R and L Farwell said...

Glad he is feeling better!

Becky Bartlett said...

I'm so glad he feels better! Poor little guy. I'm not looking forward to days like that when I feel helpless as a mom. Tell nolan that you're not going to cover for his drooling anymore! :)

heather said...

Ah I laughed hard. It never would have occurred to me that Nolan drooled on himself. Too funny and an indicator that you live in the land of drool, spit up and other fluids right now. So glad Blake is feeling better!!!